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May 8, 2008

Congrats Sis!

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My sister has graduated…..again….but this time from her Honours Degree in Formulation Science! YAY! My goodness, that ceremony was long and tedious but the highlight of the whole evening was the fact that I was sure that the Head of Pharmacy needed phonetic classes. He simply can’t pronounce student names be it Asian (Chinese or Indian) or English. He was simply horrible! I guess listening to him recite long Indian and Chinese names made the Graduation ceremony a lot funnier. Imagine hearing surnames like “Tsui” and “Nguyen” being pronounced as “Si” and “N-yen”. It makes us Asians sound like curses!

Anyway, Congratulations Tracy!! You make me so proud as a brother. I can’t believe how far we’ve come as brother and sister. Our competitive ways have fired us off to places that neither of us had ever imagined. You compliment me by covering my weaknesses and driving me to excel. I know you’ll do well in whatever you do. Now that you’re doing your PhD you’re going to start making me feel like I’m a circus monkey in training. You’re far too smart for me now and there’s no way that I’m going to catch up to you now. Keep going the way you’re going, I’m only really interested in finding out which guy is going to steal your heart away. You’re beautiful inside and out and whoever ends up dating this choosy little girl is going to be one damn lucky bugger…..maybe not so lucky after I beat the shit out of him for doing something bad but we’ll see…….mwahahahaha



May 7, 2008

It’s about time…

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I have taken a break from blogging and I thought it was only time that I came back to this unusual medium of expressionism. I don’t know why I haven’t been able to keep blogs running for long. I’ll try hard to keep this one running for as long as I can and expel all my thoughts down. I guess it’s a good way to keep myself in check. It will give me a chance to take a look back at what’s happened when all the fog has cleared to see how far I have come. I think it is also a good opportunity for me to let those who love me the most read about all that has been going on in my busy life as many have told me that they have felt that I have dropped off the face of the planet.

Lately there have been so many thoughts running through my head, so many stresses, so many worries and thus, I feel it won’t be a waste of time to run with a blog once again. Of course, while I will attempt to steer my blog away from being down right sad and depressive I will try to keep a positive tabs as much as possible. It’s about seeing myself through the tough times and giving myself a channel to write all that is bottled up inside.

Before I begin this journey I think I should thank a few people who have showered me with so much love over the last few months and because of them I am strong again to stand strong.

My dearest mother who has done so much for me and who has been so understanding. She is simply the best mother in the world who cares so much for me. She gives me her shoulder to cry on and gives me the support when I need it the most.

My beautiful girl Ling Ling who seems to always be there for me when I need a listening ear the most. She looks after me in every way and there is simply nothing more I could ask from her. Thank you for being in my life and giving me such unconditional love. Sometimes I wish that every boy in this world could have a girl like her:)

My house mate Tan Kerfern who I am sure is going to be a great doctor someday. His generosity, thoughtfulness and compassion has given me a comfortable environment to do my thinking. He really treats me like his brother and sometimes I feel like he really is my brother:)

My newest friend and confidant Angela Papadimitriou is simply the sweetest woman I have ever met. I am so glad that I met her in this lifetime. I simply do not know what I would do without her. She makes me see things when everything seems so clouded in my mind and she has the nicest ways of telling me something that I do not want to hear. Thank you for looking after me so well. I hope that we can stay friends after all the dust has settled.

Then there is the adorable Bambie Lee who has the biggest heart. The time she took to look after me and understand me is beyond the duty of what any friend has to do. Her insightful advice, amazing listening skills and silly humour makes her a one of a kind girl. Thank you Bambie for always caring.

I do not know why but it seems to me that Darren Karadimos has a knack of caring for people who need it the most. Despite his quiet nature he has made himself a very approachable person to talk to when I do not know who else to turn to. I love this guy for everything he does for me. He always makes sure that I do not go missing and that my health is in check. I think if I were to go missing one day this guy would probably be the most likely person to realise that I was gone.

My friendship with Mark Grujic has been a friendship that has grown steadily in the last few years. A gentle giant who has the innate ability to look after his friends from behind the scenes of any given situation.

Out of all my friendships I think my friendship with Alex Carthew has been surprisingly fast. He makes so much effort to make sure I get my weekly work out and that I am always trying out new things. He has become like my new sports buddy taking me from one place to another. An absolutely big bag of fun. It is impossible not to have fun around him. You can talk and go everywhere with him that is possible under the sun.

Apart from the below there are so many other people I could list but you know who you are (if you want me to add you please let me know =D).

  • Ah Kong
  • Andrew Padgett
  • B.K.Low
  • Brian Yong
  • Caryn Van Niekerk
  • Christie Lai
  • Khanh Pham
  • Marie Pham
  • (Some of the) 3rd Year Monash Meddies (Class of 2010: Minus a few particular people as I deem LOL!)

All are most welcome to leave comments/messages:)

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